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HyperNext Studio Downloads

Updated 14th March 2024

HyperNext Studio v4.22 for Windows has been released today.

If you need any help then try our forums where you can ask questions, chat about HyperNext, make feature requests and much more. Our forums are private and member details are never disclosed. Note, members no longer receive an email when a HyperNext Studio update is released

All these versions of HyperNext Creator and Developer allow you to create and save projects and then run them within its Designer. They can also build stacks, standalones and plugins.

The HyperNext Studio bundles include everything you need to get started:

  • HyperNext Creator.
  • HyperNext Developer.
  • HyperNext Player.
  • Example projects.
  • Quick Start PDF.
  • Language Reference PDF.

HyperNext Download v4.22: for Windows XP to 11.

HyperNext Studio v4.22 build 172(uploaded 14th March 2024)(.zip file) 31MB

HyperNext Download v4.21: for Windows XP to 11.

HyperNext Studio v4.21 build 164(uploaded 9th January 2024)(.zip file) 31MB

HyperNext Download v4.2: for Windows XP to 11.

HyperNext Studio v4.2 build 161(uploaded 30th November 2023)(.zip file) 31MB

HyperNext Documentation: for both beginners and more advanced users.

QuickStart Guide PDF (uploaded 15th Jan 2008) 1.7M

Language Reference v4.01 PDF (uploaded 1st April 2016) 1.9M

Language Reference v3.83 PDF (uploaded 16th Jan 2008) 1.7M

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