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HyperNext Creator Projects

Updated 3rd April 2015

These projects can be examined, modified, saved and run in HyperNext Creator.

There are also several projects that can be loaded into HyperNext Developer and turned into plugins. Included is the full source code for the Back Propagation neural network plugin.

A HyperNext Player stack is included with each project.

Latest additions: SQLite database example.

V4.x Projects for OS X (6th April 2015) 5.6M

V4.x Projects for Windows (6th April 2015) 8.7M

V3.83 Projects for OS X (26th July 2009) 4.8M

V3.83 Projects for OS 9 (26th July 2009) 4.1M

V3.83 Projects for Windows (26th July 2009) 5.8M

38 SQLite database

A simple project showing how to work with a SQLite database. V4.x only.

37 Website online offline alarm Checks every minute whether a website is online. It sounds an alarm and flashes canvases when it goes offline.
36 Second Life mouse mover A Second Life external aid that moves the mouse at random intervals. Useful while you are camping or having an RL break.
35 Email client A very basic email client showing how to receive and send emails using POP3 and SMTP respectively.
34 USB devices Shows how to interface to USB Human Interface Devices. Windows platform only.
33 LightStone A project and stack for monitoring heart rate and skin resistance data from a LightStone biofeedback device. Windows platform only.
32 Stock quotes Retrieves a daily stock market quote and graphs its progress. The results are for the USA stock market via the Yahoo finance web site.
31 Encryption Examples using Blowfish encryption/decryption and MD5 hashing.
30 Steganography Shows how to hide and retrieve messages from an image.
29 Menu example Shows how to create user-defined menus, call procedures and disable / enable menus.
28 Reg scheme A basic user registration scheme for managing access to your program using user information and a serial number.
27 Motor Control Controlling a DC motor via the serial port.
26 GPS display Display coordinates from a Global Positioning System unit using the serial port.
25 Printing How to print from within a program or stack.
24 Slide Show A slide show of pictures in a folder.
23 ScreenShots How to take screen shots and rotate images.
22 Map Viewer An example of how to view, zoom and scroll a map.
21 Books HN A simple book stack using a HyperNext approach.
20 Books HC A simple book stack using a Hypercard approach.
19 Flash Player Play Flash games and load many other types of Flash movies.
18 Solar System A basic astronomical stack/project about the Solar System with text and planetary images.
17 Aquarium A simple aquarium showing how to use the Sprites.
16 Hello World Simply displays and speaks an "hello world" message
15 Speak Speaks text using a button and text entered into a field by the user
14 Chart A very simple bar chart where the colours of the chart's text, bars and background are changable.
13 Circles Shows how to call different circle procedures located in a plugin. Compares the speed of HyperNext script and RBscript at drawing circles.
12 Internet Chat A simple Chat type program allowing two users to send and receive messages via the internet.
11 Features This demonstrates many different aspects of HyperNext and is currently being updated.
10 Canvas Field Shows how canvas and fields can respond with speech as the mouse pointer passes over them.
9 CanvasDraw Demonstrates canvas events in a very basic drawing program.
8 Note Player How to player notes and melodies with Note Player.
7 Mandelbrot A simple graphical application where users can zoom in on the Mandelbrot pattern.
6 Simple Net A backprop neural network that can be trained on the XOR problem and draws its results to a basic graph. Shows how to use RBscript in a modular fashion and uses no neural network plugins.
5 Analyser A comprehensive neural network program for analysing data. The program automatically creates the neural network which can then be trained and tested. It includes several data projects and includes built-in help. This is a large program and requires the full version of HyperNext Creator to run it. However, it does include a stack having full functionality.
4 DNA Sequence A specialised and hard-wired program for analysing specific DNA sequences.
3 BP1 Test A test framework for the BP1 neural network plugin.
2 Music Player A very basic music player allowing files to be dropped onto it and played.
1 Conway's Life A simple cellular automation showing how to use canvas graphics.This could be greatly speeded up with RBscript.


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