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Title: HN 4 - due early April
Post by: Malkom on March 11, 2015, 10:10:21 AM

HN 4 is due out in early April as nearly everything has been done.

1) HN 4 is out of beta and preliminary testing has been carried out on both Windows and Mac platforms.

* Windows - Creator works on XP and 7, needs testing on Vista and 8 - but it should work fine on them,
  W10 is for future testing.

* OS X - Creator works on both PPC and Intel, including Tiger, Lion, Mountain Lion and Yosemite -
    need to test on Mavericks.
   A previous poster mentioned possible QuickTime problems - Creator plays movies fine on Yosemite(no QuickTime).
   I'm sorry but HN 4 does not work on OS 9 (Classic).

2) Still to do

* Test HN Creator, Developer, Player plus the built apps on some OS platforms missed.

* Test projects from HN website and others on both Windows and Mac,
    including HN Player, Developer and plugins.

* Finish documents.

* Update website.
I consider this HN build good enough for release but a bit more testing might just catch another bug.

There are still a few remaining bugs, but I'll try to fix them along with any reported bugs in HN V4.01