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Getting Started / Some questions about HyperNext
« on: April 26, 2011, 01:48:35 PM »
1. I wan't to have a webinterface that tells if that person is online or offline.
2. So when they enter their name in the dialog box, i wan't the name sent to my webserver. Telling me that that person is now online.

So it will be somthing like this.

Incert your name: Example Name
Program don't exit, just minimize
Program send Information to the webinterface that Example Name is now online as long as the program is running.

I need the program here at a school.
We have a system that user can log into when they have exams or tests, but since it boots up trough USB we need to ensure that they use the USB system and not their own. And we need to know the names of the students using the exam/test system.

I hope someone can tell me if this can be done with this type of software or if there is any other programming software that i can use to perform the task needed to do it:)

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