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General / Live forum update
« on: August 05, 2011, 01:36:30 PM »
Wierd watching the forum update as i go from page to page. I like SMF, i must of installed and relooked/themed over 50 SMF forums to date. Keep up the good work.

General / Re: Maths operations
« on: November 04, 2010, 06:55:48 PM »
So this means theres another version, not open to the public? sounds interesting.
Or is this the next version you are talking about?
If so is it going to be a commercial version.

Obviously new to programming i could use info on this, even though youv'e said you can't say much. Maybe an estimated release date/month or year, if commercial how much! And as much info you can give about the changes. Appetites need wetting after-all.
I mean am i trying to learn something here that won't be of any use in the new version? Gulp!

As for giving up! I don't want to, but its getting so frustrating.
You are giving me code and only a few lines at a time, its not like my requests require 100's of lines of code that i would have to wade through, and its that whats doing my nut in. It should be easy to follow and understand.
When i learnt the 3D language, i understood the logic instantly and after 2 weeks i had gone through a comprehensive tutorial and could build fully interactive 3D environments, with all the possible options included. With programming, there is something missing, which is preventing me from getting to grasps with the principal. The way things are setup! Variables, commands, on which page and how and why? Why and how info gets passed from one "card" to another.

As for debugging, its getting more complex by the minute.
I really don't think you realise at what point i am finding this hard to get. My only fear is actually getting bored before i advance, which will obviously take the fun away from the whole experience.

Getting Started with Player / Re: creating mp3 player
« on: November 04, 2010, 02:19:19 PM »
Sorry to come back on this but:

I still can't see where i remove the title Tigabyte sofware from the spashscreen.

When going into the menubar at the top of HN, i click on 'windows' and then on splash screen. from there the options appear for modifying the splash screen but the 'creator properties' window goes into hiding. So there is no possible way to remove or change the title. Only add an image or details.

General / Re: Maths operations
« on: November 04, 2010, 02:03:38 PM »
I have gone over the guide and the pdf files onsite and can't see any reference to debugging anywhere. I have googled debug in hypernext and still can't find any info.
As mentioned in another thread, debug for me is <debug> at the top of the page and go.

And don't appologise for repeating yourself, but please explain how to go about debugging.

LOL, the pen and paper approach? I guess i could draw a few squares on paper and join them up with lines but it would do me no good at all. I wouldn't know why i am doing what i am doing and for what purpose.

I got so close to getting this done, there is the more solid external data save to setup, get this count thing working and thats it. (except the final graphics).
I am sure for someone who knows how to program that this whole project should have been finished the day they started.
I think i am going to give up. I can't follow your guides, and i don't get half of what you are saying.
I have spent too much time on trying to get this to work and the lack of tutorials and info on the net doesn't help.

I understand that you have a life and can't devote yourself to this (me, my project) fulltime.
I'll give it another 48 hours and if i can't find the info i need to get it working then, im sorry but i will remove HN. I have given it my full attention and i am not asking you to do the job for me, but your explanations don't actually explain anything or help me learn. And spending days on what should be a simple maths problem, just isn't right.

The only thing i can think of is that you (time allowing and the mood to help) take a look at the project and see what the hell i am doing wrong. At least that way i will see what you have done and have a reference to learn by.
Damn it shouldn't be this complicated to do maths and store the info.

General / Re: Maths operations
« on: November 03, 2010, 01:14:02 PM »
Hi Back again,
Been away for a while, real life work!!
And to be honest, i took a brief look at the world of python and ide's and gui's!

OK then, with the time away and coming back to HN this morning i've spent hours trying to figure things out and i seriously think i'm digging a deeper hole.

With the different bits of code and different things i am trying to do i no longer know where to place anything.

It never seems to work quite how i expect. If the end user hits the update more than once on any given address/contact page then it will just add the results together and print them on that contact page. ie: contact 2 has 1 minute on his time field. If i hit the update button again while on this contacts page then the GlobalTime total will go up by a  minute. And on and on everytime the update button is pushed.

When a user hits the new button to create a new contact entry, the globalTime is not getting transfered to the new contact page.

Sorry but i am at a total loss. I just don't know what code to place or where.

BTW the tim/maths script works fine

Getting Started with Player / Re: creating mp3 player
« on: October 28, 2010, 11:30:38 PM »
Excellent, and i stand corrected ;).

Honestly i wasn't having a go i just found it odd.

Files / Re: Launch File Dialog to save a file
« on: October 28, 2010, 11:27:36 AM »
Quote from: "Malkom"
I'm sorry about the documentation it does really need improving.

There are two stages to creating your user requested file.

1) The user is asked the location and name of the file - this returns a file handle you can actually use to create and write to the file.

Code: [Select]
Local fname,fhandle,fdetails,ctypes,cpaths,cnames,fextens


Note, there are a lot of parameters in the above command but you can ignore most of them unless you need detailed information about the file, path, extension etc.

2) Create the file using the returned parameters. This is the same for both binary and text files - they both use the returned file handle. Here is a binary example.

Code: [Select]
Local findex,n

For n=1 to 10

The thing i am missing here is the file! I can't see what its supposed to write too. From looking at it i get the impression that it is creatingBFile and then writing 'hello' to it. I just can't understand where its writing to, i'm missing a step in the logic somewhere,  :x

As well as that i don't understand where the code should be placed.

From the initial post the visitor asked for a dialog pop, but i need it to read on start-up and write on quitting, and silently to a pre-created file. Would i have to create a file first and place it in the data file folder and call on it's name and extension?
 Iv'e looked at the examples, maybe missed one, but can't see one that has a working example.

Its really confusing  :?

Getting Started with Player / Re: creating mp3 player
« on: October 28, 2010, 10:20:44 AM »
secondly how do i remove tybite software at the heading of the software template i click before the full program run in already build software

I was curious about this to. I think he mean't the title of the splash screen.
Because from what i can see there is no possible way of removing 'Tigabyte sofware' from the splash screen title. Although i can i understand why its there. I see it being a bit of a problem and misleading when opening the final project.
When opening a stack with the player it has the players info for tigabyte. Cool, justified and needed.
But when opening an exe file people will see 'Tigabyte Software' at the top and automatically think that my program was built by you (even if you did do most of the work to help me get it to work).

You said:
The top of the window can be changed by editing the name of the card - use the "Creator Properties" on the right-hand side of the Creator.

This can't be done for the splash screen. As we can only call up the splash screen to edit the content.
For both Personal and business purposes i think i'd prefer my company name displayed there.

Is there nothing that can be done to work around this?
I honestly see this as vital if you want business's to start using your software. I am not trying to be arkward, i find it hard to see business's use this for professional software creation and distribution if your name is forced onto their final products.

Yeah sure for someone like me who is starting out maybe, but that doesn't change the fact i would prefer to see my name rather than yours.

Databases / storing to bin file
« on: October 28, 2010, 09:09:27 AM »
Using the Book HN, i am trying to store the data created by the user to a bin file. The reason i am looking at using a bin file is because i read that writing to a file (excel i imagine) is a little limited by the number of entries.
So my first question is:
Is bin the way to go?

I have looked at the example contained within the Hn built in guide and pasted the example into my project.

GUIDE example - as is.
Code: [Select]
These show how to write and read to/from binary files. No checking for the files existence or type is made using fdets.

Note if the file variable fvar is zero then the file does not exist.

@ Write to a named file
Local fname,fvar,fdets,ftypes,fpaths,fnames,fextens
Local findex,n
For n=1 to 10

@ Read from a named file, assumes format known
Local fname,fvar,fdets,ftypes,fpaths,fnames,fextens
Local findex,n
For n=1 to 10
    Put num After mess
The read part i have tried placing it on the home card and on card 2 which is the main working environment. And the 'write' part i have tried placing on an independant button and directly on the Book HNs update button. I remember last night that on one try i got a conflict on 'nVar' as been already used!!?? I could see being used twice but couldn't work out if i should or how to get them to work together.

From what i can gather from this example, it should create a bin file in the data store, but i can't see it.

Any chance of a few pointers as to how to create a bin file as i am lost again. I can't work out if someting else should be declared and where, or if its needed to get the bin file hooked up to the project.

One thing i thought of thought:
When writing to a bin or file will it save all the fields from that Book HN page entry or does something need to be done so that the bin file knows there are more than one field, and doe's it know that there are more than one page with reusing the same fields but with new data? I know it maybe a lame question, but i am just trying to understand what i am doing.

Thanks in advance.

General / Re: Maths operations
« on: October 28, 2010, 08:42:01 AM »
Thanks for that Malkom,
I spent the best part yesterday evening trying to get it to work, which eventually i did. This morning i i have tried to get the info to pass to the next new page created but i can't see where i'm going wrong. It keeps creating a blank form ready for data entry and won't calculate the total times from the previous forms.

You wrote about the decount and that i should store field 2. Could you please elaborate, because i'm a little lost again.

Saying that, i thought that maybe the info wasn't being passed because it can't store the info correctly so i decided to look at the data options and the other threads.

I will be adding a new post in that section after this.

General / Maths operations
« on: October 27, 2010, 02:30:05 PM »
Ok i so maths wasn't my best subject way back in the ol'shool days  :lol:

On reading the guide i have to say the Maths Ops section is really like a foreign language.
Its maybe straight forward to you (i hope), but i need pointers again.

Heres the set up.

This is to be based on real time.

I have two fields, one where i want the user to be able to add seconds. On hitting the update button i need those 60 seconds to be added to the second field, updating that field and its existing count, which needs to display in Hours (H), minutes (M) and seconds (S)  (read only). At the same time if a particular page is deleted i need the maths to decount from the total time.

Or have i got the wrong idea about maths ops?
Should a user create a new blank page for a fresh entry would it be possible for the total time results to be transfered to the new blank page automatically?
I know what i would like to happen but really don't know if its possible let alone how to do it.  :roll:

Graphics / Re: User selected image
« on: October 27, 2010, 12:17:26 PM »
Within the data store area ( i believe to be used for the end product) are a few files that i can't open, no extension. except  .DS_Store logic which i don't know what to open with either. On testing i now find this file in the Pictures folder.


What is this exactly and how do i open it. Can it be removed if not needed.

My reason for this question is that on looking through the the guide to find out more for image saving (canvas graphics, files graphics and image banks) and testing, i am wondering if the above file has appeared in the data/pictures folder because of this or because of the placeholder image on the canvas.

I am basicly trying to get the button to save to the Data/Pictures folder without displaying the option to save elsewhere. Is my code on the right track and could this be the reason for the above file appearing in there.

If you have any thoughts on the following then feel free to help me again.  :)

I have one canvas with three independant button controls.

The 'new' button with
Code: [Select]
local fname

the save button with
Code: [Select]
local fname

Is this right?

On the other hand the delete button i can't work out through the guide.
I want to be able to remove it from the card/page and from the internal Data storing place. Is that possible?
The reason for this is that i want to be able to run the exe file directly from a 4gig usb data device, so as to stock the info directly to the USB device. (Sorry i only know what they call it in French). Or am i barking up the wrong tree?  :|

Take 2:
Iv'e just found this,

Clears the image from the specifed image bank so freeing up memory. This also sets the image bank status to invalid.

obviously i only want to remove the particular image for that page, but still have the option of replacing it. what happens will a new image bank be created?

Getting Started / Re: search box's [RESOLVED]
« on: October 27, 2010, 09:38:37 AM »
No, its not a bug you must have fixed it.
I hadn't even noticed that 'IV' button. Nice option.

Getting Started / Re: search box's [RESOLVED]
« on: October 26, 2010, 11:48:01 PM »
Ok! as mentioned in my last post, i thought it was down to me. Yup! Sure was. Because of my confusion amongst the field names and texts names and the fact that i just started to build on top of the original Book HN without giving it any thought. I found myself adding components, changing my mind, removing them and the code was a real mess. So i decided to clean it up so that a text name corresponds with its field name, obviously doing the necessary to make sure i kept track of what code came from what button etc so as to build everything tidily and replace the code. I thought it would make it easier to find the problem with everything in order!
And then i broke it, i broke the whole damn thing. What a nightmare! Since the precise time marked on my last post and the time on this one that is the time iv'e spent trying to figure it out.
Thankfully though and after a few hours i managed to sort it all out. Yes, talk about happy!
Along the way i found that i hadn't declared a couple of variables and one even had its space 'comma' between the name and the Var ('name,Var' and not 'nameVar,' ) This led me onto see the difference between the field and the field name and discover other problems for the search and saving etc.
And that maybe, certain components can be outligned black if there is a conflict or something. Not sure on that one though.
There remains just two problems and that is:
1)  i can't see how to make the search return multiple finds. But thats possibly because i haven't looked yet i was just happy with a fully functional drop down search system.
2) i also have a ghost button that just wont go away. It has been deleted, but remains in the card script.
Even with those two small issues, i actually started to see the logic. Sure i have a whole load of questions for you, and i know im gonna do your head in head. But i will save them for another thread and another day.
I have other issues to look at now like maths, what seems to be the built in registration system, password login if possible, saving the imported image to the data/arrays and displaying the saved info into a second page. Clone a card would be handy.

Its 1.45 am and i am going to have a quick 'celebratory' beer, before turning in. Tomorrows going to be a busy day  8-)

Getting Started / Re: search box's
« on: October 26, 2010, 06:48:54 PM »
Excellent its working, except a couple of fields not returning the search results, but i really think that's all down to me. Last week i came across HyperNext and i know nothing about building applications, I have shaken my brain every day since and i think i have lost my self in the info and naming  :oops:  This one i have to work out formyself  :lol:
I can't say how much i appreciate your help, and not to forget the fact that HyperNext is even there.

I feel like a big kid with a new toy.

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