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Windows XP Restricted User Error


I wonder if anyone could provide some assistance.

We are looking to evaluate the HyperNext software and are able to install and run the software without any errors as a user with admin privileges.

When trying to run the software as a restricted user i get the following error

"Sorry, an internal error has occured: Application Class: MyHyperNextFolderMake"

I have made sure the restricted user has full access to the folders in program files and even the profile for the user used to install the software but still get the error.

Many Thanks


Hi Neil

The problem is occurring because HyperNext cannot find the folder My HyperNext inside the user's My Documents folder. It needs this folder for default data, projects etc. I'm guessing that for some reason HyperNext couldn't create that folder.
When HyperNext first runs in a Limited User account it should create the necessary folders and then display a First Run splash screen with info about help etc.

I've just created a new Limited user account and had no problems when running it, creating a project and running the project.
I did install HyperNext using an Admin account.

I hope this helps you pinpoint the problem.


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