Author Topic: Tracking buttons pressed?  (Read 2844 times)


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Tracking buttons pressed?
« on: July 01, 2010, 06:18:32 AM »
What is the easiest way to show a list (last card) of all the buttons that were pressed and popups that were selected. Once the selection verification card is checked I want to be able to save that list to a SD memory card. I've been reading through the manual but am getting a little lost. Thank you for all your help!
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Re: Tracking buttons pressed?
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2010, 06:22:33 AM »
There are a few ways to track the selection of cards and controls - use global lists, global procedures

The simplest is to use a global list and in your button/popup/card just add the data to the list. Then when you get to the final card just display the list in a field

You need to do the following steps :-

(1) Somewhere clear the global list

Code: [Select]
Global trackList

Clear trackList

(2) In a control (button 1) here

Code: [Select]
Global trackList

Put ButtonTextFN(1) after trackList

or add some other data including card number, text etc to the line in trackList

(3) On your final card's opening event (or use a button etc to init display of the trackList)

Code: [Select]
Global trackList

Put trackList into field 1

(1) If you declare the trackList in either the Constants/Variables/Startup sections of the MainCode section then you do not need to declare it any more. Howerer, I do in my code as it shows me which variables are used in each script.
(2) If you need more than one line of text in your data list then the Array function would be better.
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