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Player--Registration Required?


OK...first message disappeared, but I think here is the correct place. So...
  Back for another try with HN. This time, I believe there is a good chance I can come up with something, especially with speech and/or music.
   Does the player need to be registered? When I tried, I got a message saying, basically, wrong data, even though I had checked to make sure I typed it in correctly. Twice I tried, with the same result, along with a countdown(99, 98) of tries remaining.
  Thank you for the help, and I am looking forward to coming up with something!

Hi Jon

The HyperNext Player doesn't need registering and even has a separate installer on our website's downloads page.

About the Registration window you mention - the Player does have a registration window but this if for use by stacks created to to have some form of registration.

Best Regards

I find the application for registration in only "player " , but crashes.


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