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Player--Registration Required?


OK...first message disappeared, but I think here is the correct place. So...
  Back for another try with HN. This time, I believe there is a good chance I can come up with something, especially with speech and/or music.
   Does the player need to be registered? When I tried, I got a message saying, basically, wrong data, even though I had checked to make sure I typed it in correctly. Twice I tried, with the same result, along with a countdown(99, 98) of tries remaining.
  Thank you for the help, and I am looking forward to coming up with something!

Hi Jon

The HyperNext Player doesn't need registering and even has a separate installer on our website's downloads page.

About the Registration window you mention - the Player does have a registration window but this if for use by stacks created to to have some form of registration.

Best Regards

I find the application for registration in only "player " , but crashes.

Hi mcx

The "Register" menu option of HyperNext Player is there to allow users to protect their stacks. The Player itself does not need registering as it is freeware.

Are you trying to implement your own registration scheme or have another problem ?



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