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HyperNext SPEED
« on: July 01, 2010, 06:28:30 AM »
Have a question before I start developing Hypernext.  I have been learning VB 2005 and Hypernext.  I used to be a Quick Basic Programmer 10 years ago but changed directions and have not programmed in a while.
The project I am starting is a program that will grab a large Text file downloaded daily from the web and take each line and pick out certain data and put it into numerous "fields"  after the data is imported it will have a large number of If...Then statements to compare the data and give points based on its findings for each line of data.  The numbers will then be sorted and printed.  I will not need to store the results only print them in a nice fashion.
My questions is about speed.  I think both will do what I need but which is faster.  The text file has to import over 800 line of data?
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Re: HyperNext SPEED
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2010, 06:30:48 AM »
Regarding absolute speed - for most thing VB will be much quicker as it is supposedly compiled whereas HN is interpeted. I say compiled because with .NET there is a virtual machine that slows down the code appreciably - 8 times slower than Delphi doing maths.

In practical terms HN is quick enough for most things - I've attached a project I use every day to analyse our web log files. On this 500MHz G4 it can do one loop over a 20000 line file in less than a second.
If you need to make HN faster it can run RBscript (REALbasic) and this has a rich set of string commands and is very fast. There are some demo projects on our web site showing how to use RBscript. With RBscript for text processing, you pass it a variable, run the script and it returns the results in another variable.

Regarding speed, perhaps you could use the project I sent you to do some tests before committing yourself to either HN or VB.
HN does have some nice string handling and replacement functions but if you have to use lots of statements within loops it can be slow. RBscript within HN doesn't have this problem as its compiled but its not as user friendly as HN script.
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