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V3.83 Known bugs
« on: February 28, 2012, 06:48:16 AM »

1. Card / Button GotoCard (Windows/Mac)

There can be a problem with Card Goto. If your command does not work or the Button Goto does not work then this work-around should help:-

2. TotalCardsFN (Windows/Mac)

The function TotalCardsFN should return the number of cards in the application but it has a bug because in an app with only 1 card it returns 2.
However, after a card has been created it does return the correct number of cards.

3. Commands DeleteLineVar & DeleteLineField (Windows/Mac)

When deleting the last line both these commands leave an empty line.

4. Designer Control Limit Crash (Windows/Mac)

The max limit for buttons, fields etc is 50, but an attempt to create a 51st control will cause a crash.

5. Folder Create (Windows)

Attempting to create a folder will cause a crash.

6. Radio Buttons refresh problem (Windows/Mac)

Sometimes a particular radio button will not refresh.

7. Movie Width in Designer  (Windows/Mac)

The width of the movie is not remembered and so becomes 0.

8. Menu Editor (Windows/Mac)

Cannot access menu item scripts via buttons but can via the Script Editor.

9. Splash screen shows TigaByte Software (Windows)

In a user-built app their splash screen shows TigaByte Sofware on the top line - there should be no text there!!!

10. AppleScript bug (Mac)

Some AppleScripts will fail to run.

11. Windows/Mac - Compiler, using a Function in an IF .. THEN statement
                can cause compiler to hang. Eg,  IF MiddleFN(s,1,1)='A' THEN

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