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Here is the problem --> i'm trying to make a program for my own use for now , some software that clean my computer cookies , cache , history and things like this , i try to put a script but every time i try it it said unknow command .

I make a card them in this card i put a few button , one of this button is call ERASER NOW  , i want to click in this button this way the software start cleaning the computer

let said this is the code i put
with this code it should clean google history

i should use different language ??  or maybe you can reply me this message with a example script , something that help me understand the language better , keep in mind that i'm new on this . and again thank you for your time

The information about delete files is in the Language Reference PDF - Chapter 15 page 164.

(1) You need to find the pathname to the folder containing the files to delete
     the command FolderUserAppDataFN should return where the current users data folder is.

(2) The command FolderItemGetAbs returns details about a folder/file

(3) The command FolderItemDeleteAll will delete a folder and all items with in it.
      There is also FolderItemeDelete that will delete just one item

When designing a program it is best to break it into steps as shown above, then convert each step into HyperNext script, and when that step works add the next step.

Just add one button and a field to a card, put your script in the button, and any message will be displayed in the field.

Perhaps the best way to start in HyperNext is to follow the 'First Steps' short tutorial on our web site - it only makes an 'Hello World' program but this would help you get started.
Then there is the QuickStart PDF - it goes into more detail.


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