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March update
« on: March 06, 2017, 06:49:41 AM »

Here is an update on HN5's development progress since its development language was switched to Free Pascal.
From now on, early each month I'll do a brief update on HN5's status.

The short term goal is to implement the HN core language and load HN4 & 3 projects.
Once it can load these projects then can simply write projects in HN4 and import them, so don't yet need the Editor & Creator to be working.


* All the major modules are in place and started filling in code for non-API areas
    where API areas are Windows and their controls etc.

* Tracking system working
   - every unfinished procedure/function/event when called writes its name once to a log file.

* All strings are UTF8 so can work with languages other than English, eg Russian, Japanese etc.

* Main module and app initialisation plus Splash Window.

* File system and paths now changed to Linux type, will actually be better for OS X & Windows
  - will still be backwards compatible with HN4, 3 projects etc.

* Compiler globals - variables mainly done - working on objects and some procedures/functions.

* The two compiler initialisation modules for keywords and functions now done -
   currently there are 684 keywords and 628 functions in HN Studio's language.

* Compiler main module
   - Pass 1 & 2 now done.
   - Pass 3 is the most complex and so working through this.
   - Pass 4 fairly trivial but still to do.
* RuntimeGlobals - variables mainly done - working on objects and some procedures/functions.

* RuntimeEngine - variables mainly done - working on objects
    This is the most complex yet interesting part of HN.

* Runtime window(card window) started.

* Creator Window, Toolbar and Mode Switcher started

* Editor window & Editor code started.

* SaveLoadGlobals - now focussing on LoadProject and its required objects.

Development Tools

Using Free Pascal and Code Typhon on Lubuntu for main development.

Using ProjectLibre to keep track of everything
 - currently ove 3400 procedures/functions/events.
 - later need to add another couple of hundred from HAC.


This month to get the LoadProject routines working so it can read in a project from HN 4 & 3.

I am sorry but I do not have time to answer questions by PM or email.
If you post your questions in this forum then it might help others.