Author Topic: OS X High Sierra can't run HyperNext v4x  (Read 6945 times)


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OS X High Sierra can't run HyperNext v4x
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:11:24 AM »

Unfortunately HyperNext Studio, along with its built applications and stacks will not run under OS X High Sierra.

High Sierra has a new files system called Apple File System(APFS) that does not support 32 bit applications such as HyperNext.

Another user and myself have both conformed this. When an attempt is made to run HyperNext Creator it gives a few error dialogs stating that it cannot find certain files.

Supposedly, the next update to High Sierra will prevent 32 bit apps from even running.

Here are more details on High Sierra and problems running 32 bit apps:-

The next version of HyperNext (v5), won't be out until late this year, a long time away, but it will have 64  bit versions so should run under OS X High Sierra and later.


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