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V3.83 Document Errors and Omissions
« on: February 06, 2015, 10:11:24 AM »
V3.83 Document Errors and Omissions

This refers to the in-built Help Guide and the Language Reference and QuickStart PDFs.

1. Omission from MainCode Description

 The MainCode section has three sections for initializing the HyperNext program - Constants, Variables and Startup.
 In these sections, variables can be set and procedures can be called .
 However, it is very important that these three sections are allowed to complete before any cards are loaded.

 Therefore, no GotoCard or similar commands should be placed in these sections otherwise strange errors can occur.

2. Omission of FieldSetKeyDown Command

 This command allows the key down event in a field's event handler to fire.

 By default the key down event is disabled.

 To enable the key down event use FieldSetKeyDown(fid,1) and to disable use FieldSetKeyDown(fid,0)

 where fid is the field number.

3. Listbox Section Errors

   The listbox sections are a mess in the early parts with many references to canvases when they should be listboxes.

Last updated 6th February 2015.

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