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Getting Started
« on: April 10, 2015, 12:58:32 PM »
Getting Started

(1) The First Steps with HyperNext web page is a good place to start.

It shows how to make a Hello World program:-

(2) A more detailed tutorial is in the QuickStart pdf  on the Downloads page.

It assumes you have done no programming and explains :-
 - the HyperNext user interface.
 - what cards are and how they work.
 - adding buttons, fields and other controls.
 - what scripts are and how to add them.
 - how to build stacks and apps.
 - how to create plugins.

(3) There is also the Language Reference PDFs on the downloads page
They give fuller details on all aspects of HyperNext and it's scripting language.
There are over 1000 commands and they are all detail there.

(4) HyperNext also has in-built help called a Guide that can be accessed via the menu bar..

The Guide is a cut down version of the Language Reference PDFs.
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