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HyperNext Studio v4 and v5
« on: November 01, 2016, 03:31:42 PM »
HyperNext Studio v4 (HN4)

HN4 is now in maintenance mode which means that it should receive some bug fixes but is very unlikely to receive any more new features. Most of the effort is now going into the development of HN v5.

HyperNext Studio v5 (HN5)

HN5 is going to be Open Source with the first full code being released alongside v5.0 sometime in 2017.

Development work on HN5 started in August 2016 using the Lazarus & Free Pascal development system. The main work is being carried out on a Linux Ubuntu system with parallel work going on in OS X and Windows platforms.

HN5 will also incorporate code from HyperNext Android Creator so making it much easier to keep one development system up-to-date rather than two. HN5 will still include Creator, Developer and Player, and will also load projects from earlier versions of HN.

There will be versions of HN5 for Linux, OS X and Windows.
Each version will build for Linux, OS X, Windows and Android.

The first release version of HN5 will have very few new features over HN4 and its quite possible some features might not be working. Rather than redesign HN5 from scratch, its going to be much easier to convert the existing REALbasic HN4 code to Free Pascal. Once HN v5.0 is out and working reliably then the feature set can be expanded.

NOTE, HN5 is currently pre-alpha, for instance the Editor, Compiler and Runtime Engine aren't yet working. Reaching milestone 1 will require HN5 Creator to compile and run a 'Hello World' program on each of the Linux, OS X and Windows platforms. There are currently five major milestones planned in order to reach v5.0.

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