Author Topic: HyperNext Studio v4 development restarted  (Read 304 times)


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HyperNext Studio v4 development restarted
« on: September 30, 2021, 12:15:24 PM »
HyperNext Studio news September 2021

HN4 development has restarted due to HN5 progress going much slower than expected.

HN v4.1 for Microsoft Windows should be released in about a months time, hopefully mid November.

Although HN5 has many advantages, including being able to run on many more Operating Systems, HN4 does actually work right now(albeit with bugs).
Most users just want to create some software, so releasing updates to HN4 will be the focus in the near term.
However, HN5 is still being developed in parallel with HN4.

HN4 Roadmap

HN4 is currently developed with RealBasic 2008R1 which only builds x32 for Windows XP to 10, and up to OS X Yosemite - there is no Linux.

Xojo 2021(was RealBasic) only builds for Windows 7 and later, plus for the latest versions of MacOS and Linux.
It also builds both x32 and x64.

However, converting HN4 to Xojo_2021 is a process with a few stages.
There are huge differences between how graphics, text fields etc work since 2008.
Note, HN4 uses some commercial plugins that complicates its development.

In theory HN4 should ultimately run on the latest versions of Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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