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October 2021
« on: October 31, 2021, 04:53:50 PM »
1) HyperNext Studio v4.1

Work restarted on HN4 in early September 2021.
Some improvements and quite a few serious bugs have been fixed including those listed below.

1) Creator Project-Close did not fully clear up its state - FIXED b116

2) Save As  improved further - FIXED

3) Splash Screen - image now PNG and updated - FIXED b121

4) HN Creator opening with default project now has extra info and options visible.

5) IF-THEN statement:
    a function call inside the IF THEN caused the compiler to freeze - FIXED b120 & b121

6) Toolbar - GotoCard CloneCard
    Properties Window - Toolbar                                                 - FIXED b117
     GotoCard button hidden by CloneCard button
     now has original canvas button with gotoup png image.

7) HN Creator - removed the Register menu item - FIXED b119

Some work has been done on the documentation.

Note, this HN4 update will be for Windows OS x32 only with OS X version coming next.

2) HyperNext Studio v5

Runtime Engine and Card Window
 - working on Clone-Fields.

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