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HN v4.01 Release Notes
« on: April 01, 2016, 07:03:46 AM »
HN v4.01 Release Notes


[Mac] -- ColorPicker used to cause HyperNext etc to crash.

[Win] -- FontListFN as lines had missing carriage returns.

[Mac][Win] -- Button texts not updating correctly on screen

[Mac][Win] -- Slider controls could cause a crash at startup.

[Mac][Win] -- screen controls now update correctly acrosso cards.

[Mac][Win] -- intermittant IDE bug where come controls were shifted.

[Mac][Win] -- controls were much slower to display.

[Mac][Win] -- eratic tabbing across fields.

[Mac][Win] -- compiler - call to a procedure with undeclared parameter caused a crash.

[Mac[[Win] -- show/hide button now works reliably.

[Mac][Win] -- field paper color now works reliably.

[Mac][Win] -- card save color now working properly.
[Mac][Win] -- menu bug affecting standalones.

[Mac][Win] -- improved control refreshing.

[Mac][Win] -- Blowfish encrypt/decrypt added encoding UTF8 as strings could be corrupted.

[Win] -- Preview Card works better.

[Mac][Win] -- RBscript bug workaround - fatal exception caused crash - user can now add own handling.



[Mac][Win] -- registraton serial number is no longer required.

[Mac][Win] -- IDE - added option to duplicate a card, its controls and scripts.

[Mac][Win] -- added new Function FindLineFN(source,text,case) 0 = ignore case, 1 case matters.

[Mac][Win] -- added 11 procedures/functions for speech handling
               SpeechVoiceCountFN, SpeechVoiceListFN, SpeechVoiceFN
               SpeechVolumeFN, SpeechSetVolume
               SpeechRateFN, SpeechSetRate
               SpeechPause, SpeechResume, SpeechStop

[Mac][Win] -- added new keyword - FieldCursorSet set the cursor position within a field.

[Mac][Win] -- Blowfish Encrypt & Decrypt - added encoding UTF8
               - solved problem with HyperNext Talker speech string.

[Mac][Win] --  Splash & About Screens - removed licensing details.

[Mac][Win] -- RBscript - added handler so user can add better Exception handling to their scripts.

[Mac][Win] -- FontListFN now sorted in ascending order.

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