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HyperNext V3.83
« on: June 30, 2010, 04:49:11 PM »
HyperNext v3.83 is FREEWARE and was released in December 2007


HyperNext runs and creates stacks/applications for the following platforms:-

Apple Macintosh OS 9 and OS X
HyperNext v3.83 is PPC and not Intel native.
On OS X it runs transparently under Apple's built-in Rosetta Emulator.

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7
For full functionality HyperNext needs either Quicktime or QT Lite installing.
These allow it to display cross-platform graphics and multimedia.
Quicktime -
QT Lite -


HyperNext needs registering in order to give full functionality.
Please enter the data shown below, and do NOT use your own name, address, date etc.

Name and Address:
 HyperNext V3 Freeware

Purchase date:

Macintosh Serial Number: 980321-094395-209683-400573-397053

Windows Serial Number: 557785-661305-395893-194893-306277

To enable the full version of HyperNext you will need to carefully enter
the above registration details into the registration screen. Please note that
there is only one space between words and capitalisation is important.

Please do not change the order of the Purchase Date string.
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