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HN v4.1 Release Notes
« on: December 28, 2021, 06:17:04 AM »
HN v4.1 Release Notes

HyperNext Studio for Windows (v4.1 build 132, 30th November 2021)

This version is only for Microsoft Windows and is a 32 bit build.
It is has been tested on Windows 10 and 7, and should run on both x32 & x64 versions.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Work on this only restarted in early October 2021 so there  is still a lot more to do.

The included projects are not fully checked for v4.1 but many are working well.

The documention in the inbuilt help guide has some small improvements.

(1) Improvements

* Guide help now has options to set fonts, text color and background color.

* Property Toolbar icons now PNGs.

* Default Creator project now shows some help when Previewed.

* Creator Library Picture Window now has the option to replace an image
      both in its list and in the project's scripts.
      - works for 1 image in listbox
      - uses FileDialog to locate the replacement image.
      - searches whole project and replaces any matches
      - has error trapping for invalid images.
* Creator GUI - some buttons etc have floating help text.

* Creator GUI - property/toolbar height increased, more info text and tidied.

* All projects now have their PICT images replaced by PNG or JPG
      PICTs caused problems on Windows if Apple QuickTime was not installed.
* Compiler error less buggy.

* GUI looks better in Windows 10.

* Creator - File Close now hides the project ready for opening another one.

(2) Bug Fixes

* HN command BFileReadValue for binary reading of data into a variable.
* SaveAs now correctly saves the project to a user selected location,
         then continues to work on current project.

* Field alignments now work across different cards.

* Field text color sometimes did not work when a card opened,
         but did work when set via an HN script call.
* Developer did not create a new project correctly.

* Developer Properties Toolbar too small in height.

* Creator Image Library - selected image now displays fully in canvas.
* User Register window -
         UserCode field now changed to Date and can hold text or numeric.

* HN command MovieSetView did not reliably hide/show the movie player.

* Creator property-toolbar now shows the target card edit box correctly,

* MoviePlayer was visible on next card even if card had no movieplayer

* MoviePlayer more reliable stopping.

* Compiler crash in an IF statement that had a function call.
* Register option removed from Creator menu.
         Users can still enable/disble Register option in their running/built project
         by using HN script commands.
* Creator toolbar/property had buggy card limit checking on target.

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