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October 2022 - HN v5 restarted!
« on: October 31, 2022, 10:23:03 AM »
Here are very brief details of HN 4.2 and news of HN 5 for October 2022.

Due to major problems with HN v4.2, HN v5 has become main focus again.
It seemed that HN v4.2 was just a month from release but see below.

(1) HyperNext Studio v4.2 for Windows
 Ran into major problems due to RB compiler issues:
  1. The runtime control visibility bug appears to a compiler bug.
  2. On Windows 10 the compiler locks-up while building HN 4.2:
      - it actually prevents Windows Task Manager from working properly
        so requiring a hard reboot.
  3. The compiler does not build a full exe by linking plugins etc:
      - it places the plugins as DLLs in a hard wired local folder,
        this would mean 3 separate sets of DLLs for
        HN Creator, Developer and Player. Also any user built HN apps
        would require their own set of DLLs.
        Unfortunately no work around could be found.

   Unfortunately these RB compiler bugs seem insurmountable so
   HN 4.2 will be be bundled as a project converter with HN v5.

(2) HyperNext Studio v5 for Windows

A lot of progress was made on HN v5 using Free Pascal so this will be continued.

The Chart demo project was running, although needed much more work.
HN v5 was running on W10, 8, 7, XP and ReactOS, again needing more work.
However, the last build had severe threading problems on Ubuntu Linux.
On OS X, when starting up, it had problems with files and folders.

The aim is to get HN v5 out for Windows - includes Creator, Developer and Player.
Then modify code base for OS X and perhaps even for Ubuntu Linux.

At end of November, there will be details and screenshots of HN v5 progress.
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