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HN v4.22 Release Notes
« on: March 14, 2024, 10:01:50 AM »
HN v4.22 Release Notes

This is mainly a maintenance release that fixes some urgent bugs

This version is only for Microsoft Windows and is a 32 bit build.
It is has been tested on Windows 10, 7 and XP, and should run on both x32 & x64 versions.

Bug Fixes

1. PropWindow:
     Controls refresh bug when changing card size using Toolbar Properties
      - the objects/controls on the card could vanish

2. HyperNext hard error did not exit gracefully:
     If a hard error (exception) occured then the message dialog box was repeatedly called
     and the only solution was to use Windows Task Manager to kill it.

3. ToolBar Properties:
    card listbox - disabled sorting
     for all 3 columns as it became jumbled

4. Image Library better error trapping:
     - drop .png internal error: now fixed
     - if copied the exact same file then actually deleted it: now fixed

5. Sound Library better error trapping:
     - if copied the exact same file then actually deleted it: now fixed


1. Tidied up Creator keyboard shortcuts:
     so less need to use the Mode Switcher buttons
    - Ctrl D for Mode Design
    - Ctrl T for Mode Preview

2. Sound Library now accepts .wav sounds

3. Guide Help improved

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