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V4.22 Known Bugs
« on: April 23, 2024, 10:46:01 AM »

1. HyperNext Creator
     Close project then New project:
     If a project is closed using menu File - Close
     and a New project is created then nothing shows!!!
     even though the new project and its folder are created.
    Solution for now:
      Just save the current project then create a new one.
2.  HyperNext Creator
     When a project first opens the card's background color
     is ignored and always shows white:
     Solution for now:
      On the Toolbar just click and toggle the Card's color checkbox
      or else Preview the card.

3. Animation and sprites:
     The RB sprite engine occasionally does not respect a sprite's transparency!
     Resulting in white background around the sprite.
     There seems to be no workaround as the RB sprite engine was deprecated.
     Only solution a new sprite engine.
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