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I see there is also an application in HyperNetx Studio called HyperNext Developer but is it any use to me?

HyperNext Developer makes plugins/libraries for HyperNext Creator and is useful in a number of situations:-

1) You want to make a library of frequently used scripts and use them in different projects.

     example - a graphics or encryption/decryption package

2) You want to produce a special script and make it available to other HyperNext users for their projects.

our neural network projects use some Neural Network plugins.

Using a plugin
To use a plugin, just drop it in the Plugin folder of HyperNetx Creator, and in your project enable the plugin via the Preferences on the Edit menu.

can some one use plugin created from another program?


--- Quote ---can some one use plugin created from another program?
--- End quote ---

No, HyperNext Creator can only use plugins created with HyperNext Developer.

Can i create a plugin to save the data entered in my text fields????

How to i assign function to the 'Save AS ' menu?????

Please help!!


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