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--- Quote from: mihir on December 31, 2011, 04:00:26 AM ---Can i create a plugin to save the data entered in my text fields????

How to i assign function to the 'Save AS ' menu?????

Please help!!

--- End quote ---

Yes you can save your text fields using a plugin because a plugin has access to the file system.
You can also save all the text fields in a program because text fields are special controls that can be accessed from any card.

Just call the save part of your plugin from the script in the SaveAs menu option. The scripts are accessible from the Menu Designer.
For example, if your  plugin is called MyPlugin and the its save procedure is called SaveFields then issue this command:-

--- Code: ---Call MyPlugin.SaveFields
--- End code ---

Note, The example project called Circles is a good place to start with plugins.
Also, the Quick Start PDF has a section on writing and using plugins

thank you very much!!!!

ill follow your guidelines and will report about this to you soon!


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