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how to assign function to menu


i have try to assign function of open, new,close,save.saveas but i could not. please how can i enable open anytime i click on open after i might have finished building program.

well my question may not sound perfect but i face this problem of error message each time i tried to click on open from already build standalone program. this error message display " Message 'No user handler - not a bug :)'"


You are receiving this message " Message 'No user handler - not a bug" when you use a menu option because you have not changed the script in the Menu Designer.

--- Code: ---Beep
Message 'No user handler - not a bug :)'
--- End code ---

If you go into the Menu Designer and edit the above script - you will see the Message command with the text 'No user handler - not a bug" - just change this text to anything you like. Save the script and run your project again.

Perhaps change the text to

--- Code: ---Beep
Message 'Hello'
--- End code ---

Once this works then you can edit that script to load/save/create a file etc.


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