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can HyperNext do this?


I need to create a Windows application, which reads an image from the system clipboard and does some OCR.

So basically, I need access to the clipboard graphics data, some functionality to work with the resulting bitmap and then to store text data in a file.

Is it something HyperNext can provide or is it relatively easy to program within it?


Unfortunately HyperNext does not have a graphical clipboard - an amazing omission - it just has functions for the text clipboard.
I'll add this to the to-do list.

About OCR - you could do this with the HyperNext programming language but it would be very slow.
However, HyperNext has REALbasic RBscript built in that can operate on images and would be very fast.
One of the HyperNext demo projects is a Mandelbrot example showing the algorithm in RBscript.


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