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The program won't start

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At all. I double click and nothing happens. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing. I am running xp.

Is it the HyperNext Creator program that won't start (launch) or your program within HyperNext Creator that won't run when you click the "Run" button?

By the way, as you are on XP, did you install Apple QuickTime

It is the Creator that won't launch. None of the programs that came with it will either the player and whatnot. I do have quicktime installed already. Should I try reingstalling it?

When I click the icons my hourglass comes up for only a second then goes away and my task manager never shows it pop up at all.

It sounds like installation has failed but usually it will come up with an error message about a file not being found.

I'm assuming HyperNext was installed in Adminstrator Mode as this is a must.

If you try a clean install it might be best to manually delete the HyperNext folders in case the Uninstaller didn't fully remove them - they are located in :-

c:Program Files

c:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplications

although some parts of this path may differ depending upon your setup.

There is also a known problem with Mcafee Anti-Virus that has prevented some users installing HyperNext.

Perhaps these posts might help:-  (Windows 7)

None of that helped. I guess I just can't use it.


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