Author Topic: Help on over 1000 commands?  (Read 4675 times)


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Help on over 1000 commands?
« on: July 01, 2010, 07:05:53 AM »
Where do i find the simple codes within the software (it says that it has over 1000 commands) i just want to know where they are at.  I have no idea in coding, but so far putting things together is easy.  Simple codes like: New, Open, Save, Font Selection, Font Color, Place Objects, Place Layer... well u get the idea.
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Re: Help on over 1000 commands?
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There is a list of commands and brief explanations in the Help Menu - its on the right hand side of menu bar in HyperNext Creator or Developer.
It opens a Help window and the commands are grouped on the left hand side - and each group can be expanded by clicking on them.
It is also possible to Copy and Paste from the Help window into your HyperNext scripts

There is also a more detailed explanation in the Language Guide PDF document.
Each group of commands has its own chapter with each command being listed in a table that gives a brief description and any parameters needed.
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