Author Topic: Bugs + HyperNext Language Reference -- Listbox Section  (Read 3683 times)


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Bugs + HyperNext Language Reference -- Listbox Section
« on: February 29, 2012, 09:41:32 PM »
Congratulations on creating the Bugs section of the forums.

1. Is the Bugs forum intended to be a place only for you to list known bugs, or can users post here too?

2. If users can post there, would this post about HNLR be appropriate for there, or is that forum strictly for HyperNext bugs?

A search of the forums revealed no posting on the following (I apologize if I missed it):

The section in HMLR that deals with listboxes (pages 121-133) appears to be a mishmash of canvas and listbox info. I suspect that when you were writing it, you had copied the section on canvases and were in the process of adapting it to listboxes when you were called away to something else, and you never got back to finishing it.) This prompts the following questions:

3. I assume that the first command in the list which is shown as "CanvasIDFN" should acutally read "ListboxIDFN"?

4. Should all the other occurrences of the word "canvas" in this section be replaced with the word "listbox"?

5. Are the any commands listed there that need additional corrections to be accurate (aside from replacing "canvas" with "listbox")?

6. Are there other listbox commands that you intended to add to this section (that were not in the original canvas section you were in the process of adapting)?

For the project I'm working on, I need to use a lot of listboxes and I want to be sure that I understand their properties and commands. Which leads to my final question:

7. Listboxes and arrays appear to have analog structures, and in my project it is my intent to move information back and forth from them extensively. What would be the procedure for copying entire listboxes into arrays (or vica versa)? I assume I can do it with loops, copying one line at a time, but I'm hoping there is a more compact, quicker way to do this.

Thanks for all your help.


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Re: Bugs + HyperNext Language Reference -- Listbox Section
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2012, 12:56:21 PM »
Thank you for the feedback on this and I'll add some of it to the bug list.
Unfortunately the bug list will not be open to general users because it only takes one spammer to get in and cause us a lot of work.

About the Listboxes and arrays. There isn't currently a single command for copying a data set between them and so the only way is to iterate over them.
However, HyperNext assumes that the data stored in a variable might be a list with the list elements separated by Carriage Returns, that is Chr(13). So if the data being stored is just a number or simple string with no carriage returns then the string functions and Put commands can be used. For example:-

Code: [Select]
@ get 5th element
Put line 5 of var into result

If your data needs CRs in it elements then one can still use MidFN and NthChunkFN etc with a user-defined multi char separator to locate elements without iterating over them.

I am sorry but I do not have time to answer questions by PM or email.
If you post your questions in this forum then it might help others.