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HN v4.0 Release Notes
« on: April 07, 2015, 01:47:24 PM »
HN v4.0 Release Notes


[Mac][Win] -- fix reading Help Text no longer crashes if file helpbin missing or corrupted.

[Mac][Win] -- fix Plugin building removed debug message 'Settins'.

[Mac][Win] -- fix function FieldSelText changed to FieldSelTextFN

[Mac][Win] -- fix function FieldLineFN gave wrong value in long fields.

[Mac][Win] -- fix functionFieldPosFN now correctly return number of chars along line.

[Mac][Win] -- fix Menu Designer - Menus script button did not open script editor.

[Win] -- fix editfields sometimes had white text and ignored color set via IDE.

[Mac][Win] -- fix CloneEditFields, set text to a single space instead of empty.

[Mac][Win] -- fix editfield for card name now changeable.

[Win] -- fix built app Splash screen showed TigaByte Software - now blank.

[Mac][Win] -- fix CardSetCenter command now correctly centers card.

[Mac][Win] -- fix removed platform auto path separators as unreliable.
       users should now use function FolderSeparatorFN.

[Mac][Win] -- fix GotoCard command often didn't work.

[Mac][Win] -- fix Runtimethread more reliable.

[Mac] -- fix AppleEventObject Assertion.

[Win] -- fix for Create Folder crash.

[Win] -- fix for project Aquarium crash.

[Mac] -- fix for Applescript sometimes not loading.

[Mac] -- fix OS X Help file now loads from HyperNext Studio 4 folder instead of user's Library.

[Mac][Win] -- fix for occasional crash in Opening Movie.

[Mac][Win] -- fix IDE - FileClose now safer.

[Mac][Win] -- fix removed some debug message MsgBox "TP "s.

[Mac][Win] -- fix  Createfolder now works for both local and abs.

[Mac][Win] -- fix for Debug message "fpath = " removed from movie play setup.
[Mac][Win] -- fix movie coords in Designer - WIDTH was not remembered.

[Mac][Win] -- fix Radio buttons now refresh correctly.

[Mac][Win] -- fix MP3 player - pause was not working.

[Mac][Win] -- fix with command MovieFileSetAbs in project.

[Win] -- fix Field copy text using Copy/Paste works more reliably.

[Mac][Win] -- fix Creator - delete movie on card left black rectangle.

[Mac][Win] -- fix MenuDisableName command now works.

[Win] -- fix MenuChangeName command now works.

[Win] -- fix MenuChangeNumber command now works.

[Mac][Win] -- fix splash screen - now sets cursor to arrow when window closes.

[Mac][Win] -- fix while splash screen is open now prevents user clicking into Runtime Window.

[Mac][Win] -- fix while splash screen is open now prevents user clicking it and so starting a reload.

[Mac][Win] -- fix built app could crash on Splash Screen with Card Window already open.

[Mac][Win] -- fix built app added busy cursor and disable more than 1 user clicks.

[Mac][Win] -- fix command CanvasSaveAbs now working, saves as JPEG.

[Mac][Win] -- fix commands DeleteLineVar & DeleteLineField now both work for last line.

[Mac][Win] -- fix function TotalCardsFN now returns correct number of cards in project/stack/app.

[Mac][Win] -- fix crash if too many control objects placed on card.

[Mac][Win] -- fix movie in card could sometimes crash HyperNext.

[Mac][Win] -- fix Movie Library added enable so movie playing movie inside library works.

[Mac][Win] -- fix if user deleted movie it could give "Movie missing" message and not delete from list.

[Mac][Win] -- fix if user deleted sound it could give "Sound missing" message and not delete from list.

[Mac][Win] -- fix if user deleted image it could give "Image missing" message and not delete from list.



[Mac] -- HyperNext and built apps no longer need Rosetta on Intel machines.
       now runs on OS X Tiger to Yosemite etc.

[Mac][Win] -- SQLIte database now working with rough demo project.

[Mac][Win] -- app build for OS X now fully formed OS X app and not a Xdata.bin file.

[Mac][Win] -- removed build for OS 9 option from Go menu.

[Mac][Win] -- changed Plugin folder to Documents My HyperNext 4

[Mac][Win] -- removed unregistered limits so can build stacks/apps.
      just 5 minute timer on running apps/stacks

[Mac][Win] -- complier build messages now reliably display longer on faster machines.

[Mac][Win] --  added Visible property for objects in Toolbar (in 2nd tab PLACE.

[Mac][Win] -- Card Window - new object name now auto assigned "object name + id number"

[Mac][Win] -- Help Guide, changed font size from 10 to 14, and background color from yellow to white.

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