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HAC example scripts etc
« on: September 02, 2015, 06:51:16 AM »
HyperNext Android Creator Info

Here are some links to HyperNext Android Creator(HAC).

HAC is basically HyperNext(HN) for Android and has the same scripting language as HN so much of the HAC info is relevant to HN users.
Info, such as installing on Windows, scripting language, functions etc.

Note, HN doesn't have the same functionality as HAC, for instance HAC has GPS and RSS.

HAC Forums

HAC Blog with Tutorials

Downloading HAC

If you want to download HAC then you will need to register with the HAC forum.

HAC is now freeware and the Registration Details are in the Downloads section of the HAC forums.
The demo version  is the same as the full version except running projects and apps only run for about 5 minutes

Important: some of the links are currently broken on the HAC blog.
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