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V4.01 Known Bugs
« on: April 01, 2016, 05:59:48 AM »

1) Windows - HN start up time is about 20 seconds.
    although not strictly a bug it is painfully slow compared to v3.x
    Note, OS X does not have this problem.

2) Windows/Mac - Sprites run extremely slowly.
   On Windows 8.1 the sprites corrupt the background.

    Solution - finish sprites I am working on.

3) Windows- HN Developer refresh problem.
      The first time a card is previewed or run then the card appears blank (no controls showing).

4) Windows/Mac - Analyser project load bug.
    Loading a data file causes an exception and HN to quit.
    in v4.01 user can now catch fatal exceptions - see Help/Language Reference

5) Windows W7 - playing .mp4 movies via script is unreliable but .mov seems fine.
     Movies via library do play.

6) Windows - Editfield alignments over multiple cards are unreliable.
                caused by a clone Editfield bug in RB compiler

7) Windows/Mac - Compiler, using a Function in an IF .. THEN statement
                can cause compiler to hang. Eg,  IF MiddleFN(s,1,1)='A' THEN

Last updated 10th August 2016.
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