Author Topic: HyperNext took a script in one stack and copied it into another stack  (Read 3140 times)


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Here's a perplexing problem that occurred today on my Windows XP computer:

I have been routinely been opening and closing two stacks (the first for a new project that I'm developing and the second for one that I use for testing things). Up to now there have been no problems doing this.

However, this afternoon I had the Script Editor open and was looking at the script for card 2 in the first stack. With the Script Editor still open, I selected "Open" from the File Menu and went to the other stack. The first thing I did there was to go to card 2 and open the Script Editor to look at the script for it. But instead of seeing the script for the card in this script, the script for the card from the first stack was showing.

My first thought was that HyperNext's internal memory (for lack of a better term) was just mixed up. So I quit HyperNext and then re-opened it. Still the same problem.

So then I thought that perhaps the memory on my computer might be confused, so I restarted the computer. But still the same problem.

The original script for this card is no longer there. It has been completely replaced by the script form the other stack.

Since this is my test stack, it more of a annoyance than a problem this time, but obviously it could be a serious problem in other circumstances, should it occur again.

Do you have any thoughts on what might be causing this behavior and/or how to avoid it?

Should I perhaps be sure to close the Script Editor before I switch stacks?

P.S. On a somewhat related issue: Why does the "Close" item in the File Menu of HyperNext not work? (I'm referring to the main HyperNext program, not a user-created stack.)
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Re: HyperNext took a script in one stack and copied it into another stack
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I'm sorry but both HyperNext Studio only supports opening one project at a time. HyperNext Developer also has the same limitation.

Whenever I use HyperNext Studio/Developer I just quit HyperNext and usually accept the option to save, then restart it and load the next project - that way I know its memory is clean. The menu close option works on HyperNext Android Creator but hasn't made its way to HyperNext yet.

Also, when copying scripts from one project to another, i just copy the scripts into a text editor while separating each script by a divider plus its location and name, parameter list etc. Its tedious but reliable.

Thank you for raising the issues as it should help other users who might expect HyperNext to work simultaneously on multiple projects.

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Re: HyperNext took a script in one stack and copied it into another stack
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I had the same thing happen to me.
it isn't everytime.
& so far mostly just been messing with the examples.
 but twice I had to re-download the examples because it overwrote project.
3rd time I had the zip file from the last time.
I figured it was a bug, so now I close & go to my project to open directly.
I use a mac.