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Registered Users - we can give you advice on registration and installation problems.

Programming Questions:- we are sorry but we do not usually have time to answer programming questions. If you have a question then please check out our forums. By asking your programming questions in our forums it also helps other HyperNext users.

If you need help then check the QuickStart & Language Reference PDFs.

HyperNext also has built-in help under the menu bar Guide option.

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Contract Programming

If you have a project you need assistance with then I might be able to help you as I have many years experience in software development.

Your project should be well designed so that you could explain how it is meant to work. Also, it should be partially implemented so I would have something to work on.

Once you have your project actually running then it would be much easier for me to work on it, fix things, add new features and help you plan for its development.

These days I only accept development work in the HyperNext and RealBasic programming languages, either for the Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X platforms.

If this sounds interesting then email me(Malcolm) at the info email adress above and I will send you my standard information PDF about contract terms, price, time etc.


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