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HyperNext for Education


HyperNext is an ideal introduction to writing computer software. Its easy to learn, fun to use, and very flexible with lots of potential for creating amazing software. From basic concepts to advanced multimedia design, HyperNext enables students to create software far easier than is possible with traditional programming languages. The HyperNext experience is more about creating software with ease and less about grinding out a solution in some complicated fashion. Computer courses often have to cater for students with little or no background in computer science but HyperNext is just right for them as its easy to use and won't leave them behind the more experienced computer science majors.


HyperNext can become an essential tool for quickly creating courseware, demonstrations, classroom management utilities, and many other types of software. In stack form, software can be quickly distributed to others who then just need the freeware HyperNext Player to run it. When necessary, HyperNext can also build cross-platform standalone applications.


Many classrooms have both Macintosh and Windows computers side by side and often with a mixture of old and new. To cope with this there are versions of HyperNext for Macintosh OS X, OS 9 and Windows.

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